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EWAN provides a complete range of services required for design and building business interiors. We believe every business is unique,which is why we work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your company-from its vision to its people and processes. Once we have a complete picture of your business and the cooperate culture, we create a custom solution that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.  We provide spatial planning, interior design and project management services for all types of offices. Our in-house design and project management team acts as a one stop shop to deliver the project on time to budget. We completely design, project manage and build office spaces that inspire people, improve productivity, encourage collaboration and convey the desired cooperate ambiance.


Professional services provided by us:

  • Spatial planing and Schematic design.

  • Interior design consultancy.

  • Tenant improvement permits.

  • Materiel selection / interior fit-out.

  • Custom mil-work design.

  • Project management.

  • Structural, Electrical and Mechanical engineering services (through our partners) 

office interior tenant improvement

Hellocorp Call Centre

office interior design permit

Brandix Centre of Inspiration Office

office tenant improvement permit

Virgin Atlantic Office


Classic Travels Office

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